Places to Save Some $$

With a toppling list of things to buy, and things to do, it seems like the receipt for a wedding is miles long.
Trying to have everything on trend, and pintrest / insta perfect, there’s a lot of little detail to pay attention to, and stylistic things a bride just can’t live without.
We get it, and we’re in with you, but here’s a few things you could go without that may save some extra money.
After all, your guests are really looking at you two!




Wardrobe Change / Reception Dress

You’ve spent so much time and effort finding that perfect dress, and it looks amazing!
There’s no need to do it all twice.
A few years ago it was a way to be like one of the stars, to have a dramatic dress change between the ceremony and the reception. Let’s face it; we’re not in that Hollywood price range.
Find a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable for the entire night.
Get a shoe height and a good seamstress for hemming so you’re able to kick off your shoes and dance the night away, in the same dress you said your I Do’s in.
Think of it this way, spend a bit extra on one dream dress instead of two “just okay choices”.




Chargers can add a lot of feeling a texture to a table-scape. They can also be terribly expensive.
Weddings with over 100 guests can easily turn into $1,000 just in chargers.
Once dinner is served and wine is poured, nobody will be looking at your chargers. There are ways to beautifully style a table setting with no charger at all.
Jazz up your place cards, add some greenery, but don’t spend the extra cash on something that’s so one time use.
We’re all for texture on the table, and some chargers are lovely, but perhaps try some DIY options to save some extra money, and add some real flair.




Standard Wedding Cake

Foregoing the standard wedding cake is becoming easier and easier as new wedding trends are blossoming, and brides are getting more DIY savvy. Traditional wedding cakes can often take up 1/4 of the wedding bill, especially when done by a boutique bakery.
We love our local bakeries, and the beautiful creations they make, but wedding cake alternatives are a great way to save some money and add a more personal touch.
Try creating a donuts tower or a selection of mini-pies for an autumn vibe, or even a cheese cake. Literal cheese. Yes, that exists.
There are endless options to save with wedding cake alternatives!

Tip: Present your wedding cake alternative in a way that guests can come up and grab through the night; not something that has to be served right after dinner.
Chances are, your guests aren’t too hungry right after a wonderful meal, but will be after a while of drinking and dancing.

Right now we’re totally crushing on cheese wheels instead displays instead of a desert station! Who doesn’t love cheese?
Sweeten it up a bit with some local honey and some fresh fruit on the side. Perfection!




Ceremony Area Decor

Ceremony spaces are a wonderful place to cut some cost, for a few different reasons
Your guests are going to be in the area for 20-30 minutes tops (I never recommend having a ceremony that leads into 30 minutes).
All eyes are going to be on you two, and all ears on your beautiful words. This is the first time your guests, and your new spouse, will see you in your gown.
There could be fireworks going off next door and nobody would notice, honest.
If you’re concerned about things looking too plain for ceremony photos, choose a location that speaks for itself!
A wooded area, by a lake, or even downtown in the courthouse will create all the drama and background that you need, without worrying over budget for the extra decor.
I promise you, no-one will know the difference!

Tip: Choose a ceremony location well within at least 5 miles of your reception space, and try and pick a place that’s photograph-able from many different angles, with plenty of nooks for you and your sweetheart to sneak away for a moment of privacy.
Having a place to take photos right at the ceremony location will be best, and maybe even save some money with the photographer on travel time!





I know, I know.
Skipping the bouquets sounds crazy, but I have my reasons for suggesting so;
Pintrest and the like are full of amazing pictures of long hanging greenery, and pretty spring like blossoms. You don’t absolutely need them.
Consider the cost, (approaching arm and leg prices), and the timeline of the bouquet.
They’re awkward, it’s near impossible to hug your loved ones wielding a pile of flowers, and most of the time they’re set on a table or handed off to the nearest bridesmaid.
While you may be concerned about walking down the aisle, or photos, consider alternatives.
Instead of your bridesmaids holding flowers, they have the freedom to maybe pick up a corner of that flowing gown, or hold the arm of the paired groomsman with two hands.
For photos, leave room to get more creative with poses when there’s no bouquet to juggle.
The days of standing in a neat posed row with flowers are over!
Take that extra cash, and add some extra oomph to your table styling, or to your menu!
A bouquet or two can easily even out to the cost of one of a whole donut tree!

Tip: If you must have floral, try going out to your local wooded area the day before the wedding and cutting some local flora and fauna. A relaxing floral hunting walk can be so therapeutic.
Even ask mom if you can cut from her garden.
Make it unique, make it yours, and it doesn’t have to cost a ton.

All in all, there are a million little ways to save for the big day.
There’s a lot of brilliant ideas out there, and taking some steps to adapt to save some cash is a good idea!
After your wedding guests remember you, the food, and dancing.
The important things!

Cheers babes!

xoxo – Savannah Pearman!

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