Managing Guests & Family

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One of the hardest parts about planning a wedding is managing the guests, and your families wishes!

I don’t believe in the term “Bridezilla” at all. Ever.
It’s your big day, you only get one (we do sincerely hope) and things should be able to go your way within reason.
I firmly believe that if you’re staying within your budget and not outright inconveniencing anyone, you should be able to get exactly what you want.
Though, many brides have a hard time realizing that people will be inconvenienced, and it’s not always your job to try and fix it.
There’s making sure you’re at a venue that has a ramp if grandma is hard of mobility, but then there’s having your wedding at home instead of a tropical destination because great aunt so and so won’t be able to make it.
At the end of the day, if you have that chance to cut the guest list in half and travel away for your dream wedding, do it.
If you and your sweetheart prefer close friends and immediate family, do it.
Weddings have no rules for guest lists, and the day should be easy and fun!

Your mom, aunts, and even Grandma are all seeing themselves, in you as a bride.
Soak it in, and take it for the beautiful gesture it is!


Who To Invite / Following The 6 Month Rule

If you’re having a hard time trying to decide who to invite, and your family list is crazy long, keep a few things in mind:
You cannot invite everyone. (though, if you’ve got the budget for that, go for it!)
Keep in mind what I refer to as The 6 Month Rule.
If you haven’t spoken to, or physically seen someone in 6 months, they shouldn’t expect to be invited. Honestly, no hard feelings will come of this.
Use the same rule with friends, though much more diligently!
There is barely enough time to get around to all of your close family and friends on wedding night, let alone people you haven’t seen in a long time.
You’re spending a lot of money and time with a wedding photographer, let them do their job and share those pictures with everyone that wasn’t there. It will be okay!
6 Months!



Taking the Reigns Without Being a “B” (Bridezilla)

As I said, I don’t believe in the term “Bridezilla”.
You’re a bride, you’re stressed out, and you have a vision for what you want.
There is constant input (sometimes unasked for) from family and friends about how to do things better, and what’s really best for you.
Try and remember, you are a bride, you are full of poise and grace (and wine, and champagne) and you will make it through all of this and walk down that aisle!

The best thing I’ve learned is to accept the advice, and very kindly say that you’d prefer to do it another way. It can get tricky if say, your parents are paying for things and want it a certain way, but it will all come out in the wash!
Let them know that you have a vision for the day, and that’d you’d really prefer to have it done differently.
Some things, however, let them slide by. If your mom really wants you to have say, our newphew walk down the aisle, let him.
Choose your battles, things that won’t affect the overall look and feel of the day too terribly, let them go.
Family is excited for you, and they want to lend a hand. Be firm in what you want, and offer ways for them to help you achieve your vision instead.




Handling Feuding Guests 

This is simple, don’t stress about it. They’re your family or friends, and on the big day they will put it all aside.
Be pro-active and seat at different tables if need be.
It’s just that simple! You do you girl!




Your family and friends love you, they’re there for you, and only want the best so you have an amazing day.
Let them pamper you, and let them reminisce about their own weddings. That is, after all the reason for all of the suggestions and advice.
Your mom, aunts, and even Grandma are all seeing themselves, in you as a bride.
Soak it in, and take it for the beautiful gesture it is!

Embrace It Loves!
– Savannah Pearman

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