Summer Bourbon

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A Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

We put together this warm, summery drink this week for our first Rochester Indie Weddings Summer Vendor Party.
I can say it was a huge hit for a cocktail party, with a few simple ingredients, and so so pretty to look at.
Our lady and gentlemen guests alike drank it down with a smile on their faces! (bourbon tends to do that)

If you’re making this for yourself and a few friends at home, I suggest breaking out the good bourbon. You’ll definitely appreciate a nice warm, slightly sweet boozy element with the sweet and citrus. My favorite is the Bulleit Bourbon, right out of Kentucky. (definitely stick with the straight bourbon instead of going the rye route, you want that hint of spice!)
If you’re sharing with a larger group and want to cut some cost, use a nicer whiskey substitute and shake up a blackberry whiskey lemonade! 

Cheers! xoxox

To serve about 4-5 people:

7.5oz Bourbon (or whiskey)
7.5oz fresh lemon juice
A healthy amount of blackberry simple syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)
(recipie for blackberry simple syrup from Sugar and Soul below)
Shake in a cocktail shaker with a couple ice cubes
Strain over glass with ice
Garnish with a whole rosemary sprig




Blackberry Simple Syrup Recipie:

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